A skincare brand that embraces the healing power of nature.


A re-design of their packaging and labels was required to fit more with their new brand refresh. Also their online store infographics as well as Amazon listing images needed an update to better convey their brand story.

Scope of Project

Label + Package Design
Print Marketing Assets
Digital Marketing Assets
3D Renderings


We re-designed their labels along with creating a wide variety of new ones. We revamped the fonts and made each consistent across the line, figuring out the primary differentiators between brand lines. We also took their product listings and provided imagery and informational graphics to connect with their ideal consumer, as well as show the incredible products they sell.

Expanded beyond Amazon into major retail stores.


With the designs created by Principium, climbOn was able to be featured in major stores such as Costco and Whole Foods, as well as have a bigger presence on Amazon. A whole project was done to create multilingual labels as well, allowing climbOn to expand into a global marketplace.

Sample designs created for the brand.

photos by climbOn

“I have worked with dozens of designers and design agencies during my career in consumer goods marketing, and Lauren and Principium stands at the top of my list for a reliable, responsive, high quality, thoughtful, efficient, and strategic designer. The quality of her work is absolutely impeccable. They go above and beyond with thoroughness in the project deliverables and files.”

Taylor West

vp marketing climbon

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