a picture is worth
a thousand words.

The right visual images are the most crucial part to sell your product. With over 5 years of experience, our photographers know their tune. This is, after all, the make-break point of your product being discovered, looked into and purchased by your customer. It is not just about how many pixels a photo has or how expensive the camera is. It's about the right lighting, angles, and giving your product the personality it deserves.

Have you ever seen a catalog for watches or jewelry? Most likely, the one you chose had a photograph that spoke to you. THIS IS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY and we know how to make a photo talk.

we provide 2 main images for split testing

By providing you with two high-quality white background images, following Amazon FBA’s product photography guidelines, you can then split test the two options to see which performs the best for your target audience.

lifestyle photography helps close your sale

Seeing your product in use helps your potential customers envision themselves using it also. Whether with props, hand models or full body models, this element provides your listing with an added depth, increasing your conversion percentages.

informational graphics explain key elements

While the copy in your listing is vital, it is always good to communicate it again using pictures to help give understanding. We use a unique formula to ensure these speak to your target audience and address their potential questions and concerns.

Zulay Kitchen

Goes above and beyond what is usually expected from a designer. They will never settle until you are pleased with the design work and they make beautiful designs without fail.

Marcina G

Lauren is quick, attentive, and very talented. She created a logo that I am definitely proud of. I told her what i was looking for and she nailed it! Super helpful and great communication throughout the entire process. The start of my brand began with her. Thank you Lauren for all your help and great service.

Laurie R

We had a great experience working with Lauren. Not only is she very attuned to what the client wants, but she’s also very detailed and patient. She chose all the photos for our manual and took the time to make sure that all the visuals matched the mission of our work. She never balked when I asked to see a color change, and there were quite a few. We were on a deadline and she delivered before! I won’t hesitate to call her again next time we need a design specialist.

Tyler W

Principium Studio is phenomenal, and we absolutely love working with Lauren! I have worked with dozens of designers and design agencies during my career in consumer goods marketing, and Lauren stands at the top of my list for a reliable, responsive, high quality, thoughtful, efficient, and strategic designer. The quality of her work is absolutely impeccable. She is one of the most responsive and responsible vendors I’ve ever worked with, in or out of the design world. I g…

Heather M

Let me just start off by saying I do not know what I would have done without Lauren!!! Really! She has been beyond helpful and produced so many amazing products for me. From my logo to my website to helping with social media. My friends and family have been blown away by the photography she created for my Brand! The list is never ending. Thank you!!! ❤️

Laura S

Lauren was wonderful to work with on my new branding package! She was very attentive and patient with me while we worked through turning the ideas in my head into reality! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a graphic designer who really values customer service! Thanks, Lauren!

Nir Y

Very impressed with the turn around by Lauren! She was absolutely a pleasure working with, I cannot wait to use her services for web design & future projects.
I highly recommend, Thank You!

Alison F

Lauren hands down provided us with the best design experience we’ve had to date (and we have tried everything from Fiverr to independent services). She is easy to communicate with, quick to provide stellar results, and cares about what you want and your timeline. She also gave us great input and advice based on her extensive experience. Not to mention, her designs are bomb. We couldn’t be happier with the final product and highly recommend Principium Studio. Looking forward to working with her again on future projects!

Huma S.

It was a great experience working with Lauren and her team. They listened to all the instructions I provided and went the extra mile for me. Would highly recommend them to anyone and I will be coming back for future projects.

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