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While others will create individual designs, we ensure that each one of your brand elements aligns with all others to form a cohesive BRAND IDENTITY. Brand awareness and recognition are aided by a visual identity that is easy to remember and recognizable. “The most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces everything else.” -Wally Olins

We offer individual design services for sure. Just go to the Contact Us page HERE , and send us a message with the specifics and we will be happy to help you out.

At Principium Studio, we specialize in BRAND IDENTITY. As a company that has worked with big retail brands such as Disney, we are not just “logo designers”. “Brand is more than a logo or a tagline; it is a strategic endeavor.” -Michelle Bonterre. Customers trust brands that have a brand presence. This is much more than just the logo itself, but includes the colors, mood, font choices, brand elements, and how these are used throughout every bit of a business’s designs including website, packaging, photos, and infographics. We help you to create YOUR Brand Identity as we know that a logo by itself is only one piece of the pie.

Marketing research to find the correct colors, fonts, mood, photo styles and logo that will speak to your target audience. We then provide you with a brand guide PDF that will “guide” all future designs for your company. This includes the fonts for web and print, exact colors to use, the logo in all necessary file formats and a mood board for reference.

For cosmetics, supplements and other products that have a bottle or jar, a label is required to fit around the product. Packaging is the box that this jar would go into. Some products only have a label or a box, while others have both. In either case, we can help you out.

Yes and no. We can do the copywriting for the infographics, but we don’t offer copywriting for any other services such as A+ Content, Packaging, etc. We can, however, make recommendations on points to communicate in your Packaging, or any other place, to help sell your product more effectively.

We will provide you with a Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest post template, each created using Adobe Photoshop. It will be designed using your unique Brand Identity. You can then later modify these templates to add other photos. We do not provide any training for Adobe Photoshop but you can find many tutorials online.

With each design, you will get 3 revisions. Because we start with the Brand Identity, all other designs such as Packaging and Infographics flow much easier as the overall look is already established for your brand. Therefore, it is rare for any project to require more than 3 revisions.

We can create an Adobe Photoshop (PSD) mockup of your website page by page which can be turned over to a developer to execute. We have excellent developers we partner with and can recommend if you don’t have one.

Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment for a brand! Now we can help you to create your A+ content (formerly called Enhanced Brand Content) which will help you to communicate more in depth details about your product to your potential customers. We have seen an increase by 7% in conversions when brands implement this feature. Additionally, you can now create your Amazon storefront which will display all of your products in one location. This can also be customized.

Once you are ready to begin, we will send you an invoice for 100% of the project’s cost along with a detailed questionnaire regarding your project.

We respect the privacy of each and every client. Anyone who requests this will not have their work shown on our website, social media or portfolio at any point.


If you have a specific vision, we ask that you please provide this information at the start. Since photography is a visual medium, we advise you to use markups or your own phone by taking photos of the angles you want your product to be photographed at.

The more information we have about your ideas, the easier it will be.

* Please visit the “Photography Section” of our Terms and Conditions to find out more about the process.

For Photography, it really depends of the project and quantity. But on regular orders we have a turnaround time of 5-10 business days.

Yes, photography is a service that we offer. Please see the Photography page HERE.

Due to the setup time per photography session being extensive, doing only individual photos is not cost-effective for either you or ourselves. Therefore, our minimum photo order is 5.

Please contact us for white background pricing details.

Yes, we will cover up to $10 of the shipping cost.

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