A slipper brand looking to add warmth + comfort to consumers.


Their current logo was cartoonish and looked as though it was made for a children’s brand. Yet, they were trying to appeal to higher class women who were looking to have warmth and comfort from a high-quality slipper.

Scope of Project

Brand Identity
A+ Content
Listing Images
Design Assets


After in-depth research into their target audience, into their competitors, we were able to uncover the style that would both represent their company vision, while at the same time set them in a new class. Playing on the words “soul” and “sole” we crafted a logo that was simple, elegant and attractive to who they wanted to gain the attention of.

Able to attract the right type of consumers.


With the designs created by Principium, Solemates was able to have all of their digital marketing assets unified with the consistent color pallette, identity and style. As a result, they attracted the type of consumer they wanted to, rather than repelling them.

Sample designs created for the brand.

photos by Solemates

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