Wild Doe Naturals

A natural skincare product line.


A new brand was being launched through Amazon in the highly saturated niche of beauty skincare products.

Scope of Project

Brand Identity
Label Design
Listing Infographics
Web Design
A+ Content


After thorough research into their ideal customers, we crafted a brand identity with proper colors, fonts and image style to attract their exact ideal buyer. The labels were also crafted in a unique style to stand out for highly searched keywords on Amazon. 

Started ranking for competitive keywords quickly.


After launching in their highly competitive beauty and skincare industry, they were able to start ranking on page 1 for highly searched and thus highly competitive keywords. The label designs helped them to get noticed and the listings crafted based on their brand identity helped to convert lookers into buyers. 

Sample designs created for the brand.

“Lauren and Principium are a true joy to work with. Always raising the bar of what I thought was possible. She is a true professional and I use her on all my projects. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Eric Young

wild doe naturals founder

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