Zulay Kitchen

A kitchen brand looking to stand out in a saturated online market.


A kitchen brand came to us looking to have a brand refresh as they were scaling their product line and company. They needed a fresh look that simplified and united their existing products and that would allow them to expand into their future kitchen products.

Scope of Project

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Package Design
Standards Guide
Marketing Assets


Their primary sales channel was Amazon and they wanted to dominate the kitchen market, so after a thorough analysis of the other brands and kitchen products selling through Amazon, a new look and brand design were created to allow them to stand out in the crowded Amazon marketplace.

Grown to a 7-figure online business.


Since creating their brand identity, their company has reached $100,000,000 in sales, been featured on the home page of Target.com and has dominated the kitchen market on Amazon. The design standards created by Principium has been used in each of the packaging, listings and collateral assets created by their internal design team.

Sample designs created for the brand.

photos by Zulay

“Principium creates beauty and professionalism with simple touches that go a long way. I’ve never accepted a completed design from Lauren that I did not like because she would never allow it! I highly recommend to have Lauren and Principium work on packaging or branding for you as they always do a great job.”

Aaron Cordovez

zulay kitchen co-founder

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