How to Increase Amazon Listing Conversions

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How to Increase Amazon Listing Conversions

All too often I see Amazon listings that could be improved by just a few adjustments. When we have implemented these improvements in our clients’ listings, they’ve reported an increase of up to 50% in conversions, so we know this works well. By the end of this article, you will know the key points to help your Amazon listings have a higher conversion rate:

1) Have a high quality white background image. 

Don’t use grey backgrounds or iPhone photos. 3D renderings can work sometimes for bottles and supplements as long as they look true to the product. I recently had a client’s 10 listings get suppressed when they had grey background images. You don’t want to be in that situation!

2) Create your Infographics for mobile. 

Often I see Infographics where the type is so small that you could only view these with a microscopic lens. Amazon has 150.6 million mobile users purchasing through their app last year, so you need to take these into account. Have large type that can be read without straining the eye. Test it on your phone before uploading to ensure it is not too small.

3) Don’t overcrowd your Infographics. 

We have found the best way to show information is 1 main communication per image. You should not have multiple messages crammed into one image. If you have a series of lifestyle images, spread out your Infographics and messages across them. Use very clear imagery that can be easily distinguishable. Your purpose is not to cram as much as you can in there. Your purpose is to connect with your ideal customer and show him how your product can solve his problem or improve his life. He will never get any communication if you jam it all together.

4) Use key pain points of your customers. 

As I mentioned before, your product is the solution to some problem in the life of your customers. The Amazon reviews are a gold mine of information to help you learn what these pain points are. Scour through competitors’ and your own product’s bad reviews paying attention to what they don’t like and then the good reviews paying attention to what they do like. See how you can take these keywords and sprinkle them through your Infographics.

5) Stay true to your brand identity.

When you have a bunch of different fonts, colors and images, it can turn into a fruit salad that disperses the consumers and doesn’t help them associate your brand with any specific color, mood or imagery. With every outward appearance, your brand needs to have consistency and be unified to resonate with your ideal customer.

In summary, you need to have a clean main image, mobile-friendly images, clear and concise Infographics that speak to the problem your ideal customer wants to solve and all needs to be unified to your brand identity.

If you are looking to achieve this, we can help you out! contact us today for a listing review.

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