How to Become a Household Name

How to Become a Household Name

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs want to leave a real footprint behind them and this includes having their brand become the preferred brand in their category.

However, the road to becoming a household name (also known as “a brand of choice”) is full of pitfalls, headaches, and persistence.

Fortunately with the emergence of the Internet and social media, making your voice heard across a wider range of audiences is much easier than ever before and you don’t need to spend millions of dollars in advertisements.

We are often asked by most brand owners “do you think we can become a household name?” And my answer is always the same: do you have the mindset that it takes? Because the journey to becoming a brand of choice starts within yourself including tons of creativity, passion, hard work, patience, and willing to make changes.

In a recent podcast, we were welcomed by Gianmarco Meli, a successful Amazon seller and founder of The Seller Process podcast, who wanted to know the steps for brands to become household names. While we were not able to cover every step in depth, we talked about actionable steps any brand can follow to improve their brand loyalty, and customer retention, along with how to take their journey to a higher level of brand awareness.

Without further ado, I leave you with our most recent podcast on How to Become a Household Name.

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