3 Common Logo Mistakes That Harm Brand Loyalty

3 Common Logo Mistakes That Harm Brand Loyalty

As an Amazon Seller, whether you are just starting out or you have been around for a long time, one of the biggest fears is how to make your brand stand out amongst all of the other competitors. It seems that the numbers of sellers increases on a daily basis and it is vital to know what you can do to stand out. In this article, we will discuss the 3 most common logo mistakes that Amazon Sellers make when starting out that make your brand appear unprofessional and will harm the loyalty of your customers.

Mistake #1: Not being relevant to your target audience

Under this falls enough information and research in order to know who you are targeting with your products so you know what will resonate with them. This is ensuring the style fits the industry.

This could be child-like for a children’s brand

Elegant for a real estate brand

Or sleek for a tech brand.

If you create something for the wrong target audience, you will be hindering your company’s growth and doing yourself a disservice. You wouldn’t want to have a medical logo when you are trying to sell kitchen products. And you wouldn’t want a sporty-looking logo for a baby brand. Your potential will get confused as to if they chose the right brand. Even when they see it on the packaging they already purchased. Every bit of your contact with your buyers is important to stay consistent to the messaging you want to create. It is often the subtle things that truly create brand loyalty.

Some key points to think with in your logo design:

What is the message of your company?

Who are the main competitors you would like to be positioned against?

Always do research to look at who the top companies are in your industry. Look on Pinterest for inspiration, and understand the type of imagery and styles your target audience likes and create a huge reference folder for the project so that you can truly know your brand is on message to who and what you are trying to communicate to and with.

Mistake #2: Not being recognizable at a small scale 

You must ask yourself before deciding on a logo “Can I scale it really small and still see it?” You want to go for making it be readable and simple enough that no matter where it will be placed, it can be seen and printed. Often companies want to print their logos on pens, business cards and have it as the favicon on their website. It is important that when you do get a website, you don’t have just a generic favicon at the top. It makes a huge difference in the professionalism of your business to have a recognizable logo representation of your brand.

Also now with social media, having a clear logo on your avatar or profile picture is really important. It shouldn’t be some complicated illustration, but should be something you can easily see within a 1” square.

When you see a social media profile on Instagram or Facebook, if you can’t clearly see what it is, or recognize the brand, it could deter customers away from following or interacting. There are constant noises out there in the Internet world and every little bit you can do to stand out will help you to grow your business.

Mistake #3: Being too complex that you can’t turn it black and white

The last, but not least is that you must be able to turn it completely black and white and still distinguish it. This is the ultimate test of complexity. If it has too much complexity and indistinguishable shapes, you won’t be able to still read it when it is turned black and white.

In order to create a brand that looks professional and will stand the test of time, you must, must, must do proper research into your target audience to ensure  you logo will get their attention, you must ensure that it can be recognized on a small scale and you must ensure it can still be read when turned black and white.

If you would like help creating a professional logo that attracts your ideal client, stands out and creates brand loyalty, feel free to contact us so we can help you out! We help you with proper research, ensuring your colors are right for your messaging, and ensuring they will appeal to your ideal customer.

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