Brands and color are inextricably linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words.

According to a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, “People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone. So, proper use of colors can contribute not only to differentiating products from competitors, but also to influencing moods and feelings.”

When it comes to branding, the power of color is both emotional and practical. On an emotional level, it can affect how consumers feel when they look at a brand, while on a practical level it can help a brand stand out in the crowd.

Color’s influence on mood is well researched and understood:

Blue = Trust, dependable, strength. This fits brands like IBM and GE. They’re big, stalwart brands that want to demonstrate dependability.

Yellow = Optimism, clarity, and warmth. Yellow demonstrates energy and vitality, and it’s a primary reason why it is used in Sticky Branding’s visual identity.

Orange = Friendly, cheerful, and confident. Orange has the ability to make you smile.

Green = Peaceful, growth, and natural. Green pulls on our relationship with nature, and demonstrates rejuvenation. It has a calming ability.

Red = Bold, excitement, and youthful. Red is a powerful color. Think Ferrari, fire trucks, and Coca-Cola. It has a substantive feel, but with a ton of energy.

Choosing the “right” color for your brand isn’t easy, but it is important, and you should spend some time choosing the color(s) you think best represents your brand. Start with these questions:

  1. What words represent your brand’s personality?
  2. What colors represent those words?
  3. What color suits the characteristics of your product/service?
  4. What color do your competitors use?

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